With our firm you can make a difference as a clerk


Law Clerk, Commercial Dispute Resolution

Law Clerk positions are highly sought-after. Together with graduate positions, they are considered an essential stepping stone for would-be lawyers.

As a Law Clerk with Thynne + Macartney, working two days a week, Riley is supported to complete his dual degree in Business and Law.

“My role is primarily research with some administrative duties. I’m briefed to look for case law and legislation.”

“What I really like about working at Thynne + Macartney is that I’m not lost in a crowd, faceless or overlooked. I’m given real work and real experience under the supervision of skilled professionals. I value the one-on-one time I receive from Partners with years of experience who are willing to share their knowledge and guide me.”

Studying law and wanting to gain experience? Find out about Law Clerk positions and work experience opportunities offered at Thynne + Macartney.