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Lawyer, Planning and Environment

To become a Lawyer requires more than completion of a Law degree. You need to be admitted to the Legal profession, you need to hold a current practising certificate – and before any of that can happen, you need to spend time working under supervision, gaining the essential practical skills for day-to-day life as a Lawyer.

Thynne + Macartney supports a new generation of law professionals through our Law Graduate program.

Under the supervision of Lawyers, our Law Graduates may:

  • draft correspondence
  • prepare legal documents
  • compile court documents
  • undertake research
  • liaise with clients.

Evan was admitted as a solicitor in October 2016. Prior to his admission, he spent 12 months as a Law Graduate working in the Planning and Environment team. Evan’s work is varied and may include preparing memos relating to Development and Building Code requirements, researching State Heritage Act and local heritage provisions, attending a meeting about a new development application and preparing a brief to counsel on an average day. He’s even appeared for clients in the Planning and Environment Court.

“At Thynne + Macartney, I’ve been entrusted with responsibilities quickly which is great for career development.”

As with Law Clerks, Law Graduate positions are extremely competitive. Often, but not always, Law Graduates have spent time as Law Clerks. They will be expected to have gained workplace experience to complement their academic study. At Thynne + Macartney, we are particularly keen to talk to graduates who have some life or work experience that aligns with our firm’s specialty areas.

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