2019 Thynne + Macartney Discovery Grant Awarded at GMRF's Annual Research Awards Night

Dr Tracey Papinczak was earlier this month awarded the Thynne + Macartney Discovery Grant at the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation’s (GMRF) Annual Research Awards Night. Dr Papinczak, a Medical Education Coordinator at Greenslopes Private Hopsital (GPH), will use the funding for her project “Enhancing communication skills and building a respectful and inclusive workplace culture to enhance patient care, experience and outcomes”.

Dr Papinczak’s previous work in indigenous health where communication and cultural sensitivity were crucial to positive doctor-patient relationships inspired her to apply for the grant which will be used to implement skills training as well as using authoring software to create e-learning modules. The project will work across all aspects of diversity among patients and staff, including vulnerable groups and populations with specific needs such as veterans, and culturally and linguistically diverse patients.

Thynne + Macartney commends all the researchers for their achievements over the last 12 months and congratulates both Dr Papinczak and Gina Holland, the recipient of the GMRF Innovation Grant Award.

GMRF funds and facilitates medical research to prevent, cure or lessen the impact of diseases affecting the veteran and broader Australia community.

Thynne + Macartney’s partnership with GMRF began in 2016 and enables us to support veterans by helping the Foundation to continue to progress innovative and life-changing medical research in areas such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and liver cancer.  The work not only benefits veterans but also has the potential to benefit a much wider cross-section of the community.

We are very proud to be a GMRF Discovery Partners and to continue Thynne + Macartney’s tradition of working for and supporting Queensland and its communities.

Thynne + Macartney – we’re with you.

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