Our family law specialists help our clients take control of their circumstances and move forward with their lives. Our clients have different needs including individuals with complex business and property structures and those with smaller property pools who require help to work out a simple division of property or a parenting plan for their children.

We support clients through the process of decision making around relationship and family issues to discover the best result possible for them and their loved ones.

Our team members have completed Family Dispute Resolution studies and gained advanced training in Collaborative Law. We use this training to explore and encourage non-adversarial and more cost-effective methods of dispute resolution. In the event that matters cannot be resolved using alternative dispute resolution, then our team of highly skilled and experienced litigators can help clients find a course through the sometimes difficult territory of the court process and then assist them in selecting and briefing suitable counsel as the matter progresses.

We provide a full spectrum of legal services, and are available to:

  • act in complex matrimonial property matters involving trusts, companies, cross-border issues or rural properties with farming enterprises. We also act in divorces and property settlements involving smaller property pools such as a small business or a single major asset such as a residential property
  • advise clients in relation to protection of their assets if they are remarried or in a new relationship or are considering doing so, through financial agreements, for married, de facto and same sex couples and asset planning. As part of this advice we work closely with our Wills and Estates Team to assist clients with their asset restructuring and succession planning
  • advise clients as to their obligations in relation to future financial support for their spouses or children including spousal maintenance and child support, and prepare and advise them on financial agreements or child maintenance trusts in relation to these issues
  • act in straight-forward children’s matters such as assisting clients to develop a parenting plan or to agree on Parenting Orders
  • handle more complex issues, including relocation disputes where one party wants to move overseas or inter-state with the children, cases relating to inter-state and overseas child abduction, and child protection matters, including where children have been abused or neglected
  • provide advice on altruistic surrogacy arrangements and agreements, adoption and parentage/paternity issues
  • advice and/or court representation for clients who are applying for or defending domestic violence protection orders

When it’s time to protect loved ones, we’re with you.