With more than 30 years experience specialising in professional indemnity, and with an outstanding track record of successfully defended claims, our professional indemnity specialists are one of Queensland’s most established and experienced professional indemnity practices. This success has been witness to a number of landmark judgments and precedent-setting legal engagement. Testament to the strength of relationships between the professional indemnity industry and Thynne + Macartney is the recognition by stakeholders of Thynne + Macartney’s expertise in the field.

This understanding of relationships assists in avoiding misunderstandings that may ultimately have a commercial impact. We understand the importance and sensitivities of appropriate handling of the variety of issues that can and do arise in an array of different professional claim scenarios.

As a result of this experience, we always look for the best way forward. We aim to resolve matters according to the true merits of the claim and where possible guide the process away from the pitfalls of protracted litigation. If we can resolve pre-litigation, we do.

In successfully defending these claims, we have enabled many people to resume their professional lives including in the following areas:

  • Construction: architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, marine surveyors, building certifiers, project managers, town planning and construction risk professionals
  • Construction risks Professional Indemnity: for contractors
  • Project specific Professional Indemnity: covering professional risk under projects
  • Corporate: directors and officers (all sectors); council and officers (local government), association liability (all sectors)
  • Complex claims: high value complex ‘one off’ litigation claims
  • Defamation (all sectors): pre and post publication and defence
  • Financial Services: chartered accountants, CPAs and financial planners
  • Information Technology: IT providers, computer integrators, software providers
  • Legal, Insurance and Superannuation: solicitors, barristers, insurance agents and brokers, superannuation fund trustees
  • Medical and Health: doctors, hospitals, psychologists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, optometrists, nurses, carers, veterinarians, allied health professionals, regulatory boards
  • Migration agents
  • Real Estate: valuers and real estate agents
  • Travel and Transport: travel agents, customs agents
  • Employment practices liability (all business types and professionals): unfair dismissal, general protection claims, restraint provisions
  • Special issue risks (eg sexual abuse, bullying and latent risks)
  • Major project insurance advice (eg Airport Link; Northern Busway)
  • Indemnity issues

We guide various medical and allied health professionals through the potential minefield of negligence claims and coronial inquests, as well as responding toto disciplinary proceedings brought against them by their relevant Boards, and complaints against them by regulatory bodies and patients.

Where professional risk needs to be managed, we’re with you.



Doyle’s Guide (Queensland)

  • Leading Firm in Professional Indemnity (2015-2019)
  • Leading Firm in Medical Negligence (2015-2016)
  • Leading Firm in Public & Occupier Liability (2015)