Ensuring your project stays on track by managing construction contracts, compliance and project efficiencies, or resolving the disputes that sometimes arise, wherever your project is located.

With both front and back end building and construction experience, we help clients deliver projects across the commercial, industrial and mining, retail, aged care, education and residential sectors.

Clients rely on us for regulatory compliance, including for domestic building work, and licensing requirements and offences under the QBCC Act.

When things go wrong, we focus on the most appropriate mechanisms to reach a timely and effective resolution using the Australian Courts and Tribunals, by domestic and international arbitration, and by statutory debt recovery and adjudication regimes under BIFA (formerly BCIPA and the Subcontractor’s Charges Act).

Our team has helped clients take steps in accordance with security of payment legislation and we have experience responding for builders where claims are brought against them.


Our expertise

  • Pre-project structuring and asset protection
  • Project procurement strategies
  • Construction and consultant contracts
  • Licensing
  • Certification and security advice

  • Debt recovery
  • Dispute resolution and litigation arising from
    • defective and incomplete work claims,
    • payment claims and certification
    • time disputes


When building your future in Queensland – we’re with you.


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Our experience

  • Drafting and pursuing actions to recover upon payment claims made by builders and contractors under BIFA (formerly BCIPA)
  • Defending BIFA (formerly BCIPA) adjudication applications
  • Actions for the recovery of liquidated damages due to delayed completion, and other set off actions
  • Review of licence decisions and exclusions by the QBCC
  • Providing compliance and licensing advice
  • Enforcement of indemnities to protect owners against tenancy claims

  • Orders, including injunctive relief, for rectification of defective work
  • Enforcing rights, and pursuing defences / appeal processes, under the QBCC Act
  • Prosecuting and defending District and Supreme Court actions for claims under the Subcontractor’s Charges Act and now BIFA
  • Advising, negotiating and drafting building contracts
  • Specialist advice under the Personal Properties Securities Act (PPSA) including in relation to BIFA
  • All aspects of insolvency advice affecting the construction sector
  • Defending actions alleging money due and payable or defective and incomplete work