Practical advice and commercial solutions for employers.

With in-depth experience covering the full range of workplace-related issues, Thynne + Macartney advises employers across a broad range of industries and provides expert representation in disputes.

Our clients include SMEs, private and local government entities. We help employers meet their obligations, manage operational issues and implement business decisions and changes while managing risk.

We have significant litigation experience, representing employers in the Fair Work Commission, as well as State and Federal Courts. We also advise on enterprise bargaining strategy and help to manage industrial disputes.

We help employers to manage their safety obligations, to keep their workforces safe. We also provide assistance to manage any incidents and related processes.

We know your workforce is the heart of your business and we work hard to provide solutions, not just answers.

Our expertise 

Employment advisory
  • Best practice employment contracts and policies
  • Employment entitlements under enterprise agreements and awards
  • Compliance with employment laws
  • Business sale, restructuring and outsourcing
  • Performance management
  • Workplace grievances and investigations
  • Termination of employment, including managing ill or injured employees
  • Restraints and confidentiality
  • Whistleblower laws
  • Employee/contractor status
  • Executive employment including remuneration and termination benefits issues
Employment claims
  • Unfair dismissal
  • General protections
  • Discrimination, bullying and harassment
  • Breach of contract
  • Restraint of trade

Industrial relations 
  • Enterprise bargaining
  • Industrial disputes
  • Managing organisational change
  • Right of entry
  • Union coverage
Workplace safety
  • Compliance with Work Health and Safety legislation
  • Directors’ duties
  • Incidents and investigations
  • Prosecutions and coronial inquests
  • Risk management
  • Compliance with employment laws
  • Directors’ duties under safety legislation
  • Governance issues and directors’ indemnities

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