Our Employment and Workplace Relations specialists recognise that employees are the most valuable part of any organisation and we work with employers to break down any barriers between management and staff.

We advise on all stages and aspects of employment and workplace relations, including those arising out of:
  • hiring (terms of employment, industrial instruments)
  • ongoing employment (wages, leave, hours and other conditions)
  • termination of employment (dismissal, redundancy, resignation and claims arising)
  • post-employment (restraints, and confidential information)

Our clients include statutory authorities and public and private companies ranging in size from small family businesses to large enterprises with several thousand staff.

We are experienced in steering clients through employment matters involving individuals and organisations in more diverse areas, including responding to misconduct allegations against local government councillors, CMC investigations and prosecutions, insolvent trading and unfair dismissals.

Our expertise gives our clients greater control of the situation when defending complaints of unlawful discrimination, victimisation and sexual harassment against employees of organisations brought both by fellow employees or members of the public.

The unlawful discrimination complaints have been in relation to a wide range of issues, including discrimination on the basis of:

  • impairment
  • race
  • sexuality
  • age
  • religious belief
  • family responsibilities
  • political belief or activity.


We offer the following employment law services:

  • drafting employment contracts (standard and bespoke/executive) and advising on their terms
  • planning industrial arrangements through changing legislative schemes
  • drafting and negotiating industrial instruments
  • advising on injury, illness, wages, leave and hours of work, and other ongoing employment matters
  • interpreting modern award provisions and those contained in other industrial instruments
  • resolving disputes arising during employment
  • advising on non-standard employer arrangements (rural partnerships, charitable institutions)
  • advising on employment issues arising from business sales or insolvency (administration/liquidation)
  • providing pre-termination advice, whether the termination arises from poor performance, severe malfeasance, redundancy or otherwise
  • supporting the dispute resolution of claims arising out of dismissals (unfair dismissal, breach of contract, etc)
  • assisting in actions for breach or anticipated breach of post-employment obligations (restraint clauses, misuse of confidential information, etc)


Whatever your workplace challenges – we’re with you.


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