Navigating challenges and risks arising from disputes to achieve your best outcome.

Thynne + Macartney delivers dispute resolution strategies and undertakes litigation in all jurisdictions across Queensland and Australia.

Our team has experience appearing in:

  • All State Courts
  • The Federal Court
  • Domestic and international arbitrations
  • QCAT
  • AAT
  • Specialist tribunals
  • Commissions of enquiry

We have successfully represented a wide range of businesses, industries and professions, including manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, landlords and property developers.

Clients get direct partner access and leveraged litigation teams to deliver legal services at the most appropriate level of experience and rates having regard to the complexity of individual matters and their objectives.

Even in the most challenging commercial disputes, clients gain confidence from the strong track record and guidance provided by our litigation and dispute resolution team.

We understand that sometimes litigation may be a last resort and can help to explore alternative means of resolving commercial disputes when this presents the best outcome based on your objectives and budget.

Our expertise

  • Strategies to avoid or curtail litigation, including:
    • assessment of the likely costs
    • prospects in litigation
    • comparative benefits of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution processes
  • Conducting negotiations, mediations and arbitrations

  • The compulsory acquisition of minority shareholdings
  • Prosecuting judgment enforcement proceedings
  • Undertaking debt recovery, focusing on large scale commercial recoveries as well as conducting claims against individuals
  • Navigating issues when wealth is transferred across generations via trusts

When you need issues resolved – we’re with you.

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We have extensive experience in defendant litigation, contract and construction disputes and insolvency, including cross-border insolvency.

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Awards & Recognition

Best Lawyers

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Marc Maskell – (2019-2022)

Insolvency & Reorganisation

  • Marc Maskell – (2019-2022)


  • Marc Maskell – (2018-2022)

Team of the Year

  • Commercial – Finalist (2017)
  • Dispute Resolution – Finalist (2018)