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Associate, Agribusiness

Thynne + Macartney Lawyers are highly trained legal professionals here to guide and advise clients in the complexities and consequences of law.

Legal needs are as diverse as life’s issues: from family matters to property, commercial to environmental.

While we work in specialist teams, our collaborative approach across the firm means our clients’ needs are looked at from all angles: no stone is left unturned.

Hannah, for example, has been with Thynne + Macartney for four of her eight years as a practising lawyer. Her family owns a beef cattle property: she has a true passion for rural Australia. Her previous employment in corporate law  combined with her involvement in her family’s grazing operations in south eastern Queensland has provided Hannah with an excellent foundation for her role in the Agribusiness team.  As a member of the Agribusiness team, Hannah handles issues as diverse as negotiating contracts for purchase and sale of rural properties, negotiating with mining, gas and petroleum companies, assisting clients to establish and manage carbon offset projects on their land and helping clients manage and plan for the succession of their family business.

“The variety of work that comes across my desk always keeps me on my toes but the best part of my job is the clients I get to deal with on a day to day basis and I am entrusted with the responsibility of managing their matter under the supervision of the partners in my team.”

Thynne + Macartney firmly believe in advancement based on performance: ability and talent will be rewarded.

What’s your area of specialty? Are you a team player wanting to build breadth and depth of experience? Talk to us about a position as a Lawyer with Thynne + Macartney.