Working with clients to plan for their future, protect their loved ones and take control of their circumstances.

Our Private Clients specialists believe in drawing on the skills and expertise of all our team members to find the best pathway to a solution that best fits our clients’ unique circumstances and goals. We provide practical, realistic and straightforward advice.

We act with sensitivity and tact when assisting on matters around succession planning, estate administration, trusts, family provision matters and other family law issues.

Our Wills & Estates and Family Law team of specialists are both led by experts with decades of experience who can provide guidance and insight into legislative requirements in these matters.


Wills + Estates

We will work with you to find the best options for securing your assets and your future wishes.

Our Wills + Estates accredited specialists give clients practical, realistic and straightforward advice providing the information needed for the best path forward in their particular situation.

Doyle’s Guide recognises Thynne + Macartney as a leading law firm in Queensland for Wills, Estates & Succession Planning, as well as Wills & Estates Litigation.

Offering the choice of in person or an online service for your estate planning, when it is time to take care of the future of your loved ones, we’re with you.


Family Law

We assist individuals with complex business and property structures and those with smaller property pools who require help to work out a simple division of property, parenting arrangements or parenting plans for their children.

Our lawyers have completed Mediation and Dispute Resolution training and gained advanced training in Family and Collaborative Law.

Using this training, we explore and encourage non-adversarial and more cost-effective methods of dispute resolution. We support clients through the process of decision making around relationship and family issues to discover the best result possible for them and their loved ones.

When matters cannot be resolved using alternative dispute resolution, our team of highly skilled and experienced litigators can help clients navigate through the sometimes difficult territory of the court process.

When it’s time to take care of loved ones – we’re with you.


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Wills + Estates  Family Law


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Doyle's Guide recognises Thynne + Macartney as a leading law firm in Queensland for Wills, Estates & Succession Planning, as well as Wills & Estates Litigation. One of our lawyers, Ashleigh Poole, is also individually recognised as specialists accredited by the Queensland Law Society in Succession Law.



Awards & Recognition

Best Lawyers


  • Nichola Di Muzio – (2019-2022)

Family Law Mediation

  • Nichola Di Muzio – (2020-2022)

Wealth Management & Succession Planning

  • Ashleigh Poole – (2020-2022)

Family & Divorce

  • Andrew McCormack – Recommended (2017)

Wills & Estates Litigation

  • Leading Law Firm – First Tier (2020-2021), Second Tier (2018-2019), Third Tier (2017), Recommended (2015-2016)
  • Ashleigh Poole – Recommended (2017-2021)

Wills, Estates & Succession Planning

  • Leading Law Firm – Second Tier (2018-2021), Third Tier (2017)
  • Ashleigh Poole – Recommended (2018-2019 & 2021)
  • Vicky Martin – Rising Star (2021)

Special Counsel of the Year

  • Nichola Di Muzio, Family Law – Finalist (2017-2018)